August 12, 2016

The Importance of Content Development

The ongoing development and addition of new, original, keyword relevant content to your website is imperative for achieving and maintaining high Google search engine rankings.
According to current Google criteria for ranking websites two factors are critical. One is that your site is ‘Mobile Device Friendly’ and the second which we will address here is that ‘Content is King’.

Why is Content Development so important? There are several key factors:

  1. As mentioned, Google ranks sites higher if there is a constant flow of new relevant information. Sites that rarely update or add new content are rated as less vital and active with consequentially less benefit for visitors. New relevant content is interpreted as an indicator of a vital website. Because developing and posting new content on a frequent basis is time consuming and involves specific SEO techniques, many website owners turn to a professional content development specialist.
  1. New content is important for maintaining the interest of returning visitors. People will stay on your website longer and view more pages if they notice new content when they return to your website. This could be new products or services, but could also be new examples, properly ‘tagged’ photos and special pricing offers. New content peaks people’s curiosity and presents your company as vital and valuable.

A few tips on adding content to your website:

  1. Think ‘Benefits Oriented’ over ‘Features Oriented’. People want to see ‘What’s in it for me.’ Benefits convey value, whereas features can seem mundane and boring. Develop content that gives people new valuable information to make life happier, easier, and/or safer.
  1. Use verbiage and graphics. People can be quickly drawn into your website with vibrant photographs. Just make sure to use ‘Alt Tags’ to add keyword relevant titles to the photos. Remember, Google cannot read photos, only HTML verbiage.
  1. Add hyperlinks in your new content to draw both search engines and people deeper into the website. This encourages them to explore your site more thoroughly and stay on your website longer. This helps convert viewers to take action and increases your ‘Page Authority’ and subsequent ‘Domain Authority’.
  2. When in doubt, turn to a professional ‘Content Development’ specialist with a background in website development, search engine optimization and marketing copy writing.

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