August 8, 2016

Google Page Rank Now An Outdated SEO Measurement Tool

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As Google continues to change its logarithm for identifying and ranking website worthiness it has also changed its system for reporting website rankings.

Google-report-cardFor years Google used a system called “Page Rank”. Each website page was assigned a number from 0 to 10, with 10 as the highest. It even used a “Sand Box” ranking for websites below zero. These were websites that Google penalized in search engine ranking results due to inappropriate content or “Black Hat” SEO methods. The most important page on your website was the “index” (home) page. Search engine optimization specialists focused first on raising their clients’ Page Rank (PR) for the index page and then sub-pages. The higher your PR number was the higher up your pages/site would appear in appropriate Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

So what’s new? Page Rank (PR) has been broken down into two measurement tools: “Domain Authority” (DA) and “Page Authority” (PA). Both Google measurement tools now use a ranking scale for 0 – 100, with the higher number as better for search engine results and rankings.

“Domain Authority” (DA) measures and assigns a number for the full website domain name (web address / URL). This is the most important number to look at for a quick analysis of your website SEO progress.

“Page Authority” (PA) measures and assigns a number for each separately indexed page on your website. Your PA ranking numbers are important because cumulatively they affect the Domain Authority ranking. In other words, having several sub-pages with high Page Authority will help your website achieve a higher Domain Authority.

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