February 24, 2017

Responsive Website Design: Rotating Banner Images Versus a Single Static Image

It’s now been established that in Google search results your website ranking will be penalized if it is not mobile friendly. As a result, many businesses have updated their website to meet this SEO requirement.

In the process of converting to a mobile-friendly website, some additional aspects of website design have changed.

One often suggested change is to eliminate multiple rotating banner images in favor of just one image/photo. This trend to a single image is fueled by the need for mobile sites to load as quickly as possible.

But, you can have the best of both worlds. With a little smart coding a site can be programmed to have multiple rotating images on the desktop view and be limited to a single static image on the mobile view.

Read more about responsive mobile friendly websites here.

May 14, 2016

Responsive Website Design – Static Banner Images vs Rotating Images

Now that Google has determined that websites will be penalized in search results if they are not mobile friendly, every smart business is rushing re-do their website to meet these requirement.

In the process, many aspects of website design have changed.

Once such often suggested change is to eliminate rotating banner images in favor of just one banner image/photo. The current trend to a single image is fueled by the need for mobile sites to load as quickly as possible. But, you can have the best of both worlds. With a little coding a site can be programmed to have multiple Rotating Images on the desktop view and be limited to a single static image on the mobile view.

March 30, 2016

SEO Rules: On Page Content & Mobile Friendly Responsiveness

With the new google SEO algorithm two definite factors emerge as essential to high website rankings.

First, websites should be built to be ‘responsive’ also known as ‘mobile friendly’. If your website is not mobile friendly it will actually be penalized on smartphone searches and show lower in those search returns. Given the continued increase in use of smartphones to search the Internet and even make purchases, it is essential for the livelihood of your business to make sure your website is ‘responsive’. If it is not, then it’s time to have your website redone to meet this critical requirement.

Second, is how important on-page content (verbiage) now is for positive google recognition. (more…)

February 16, 2016

6 Requirements for Building a Cost-Effective Website

1. Responsive scaling – Your site must be programmed so it scales to be easily viewed on any internet access device – from desktop computers to smartphones. https://socalwebworx.sanclementedev.com/wordpress/category/responsive-websites/
2. On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every page needs to be optimized both on the page and in the source code. Consider the Page Title, Keywords, Description, H1 & H2 Headers, sufficient iterations of Keywords, Links within the site will draw the viewer and search engines in deeper to your content and Keyword Rich Content.  https://www.socalwebworx.com/
3. A ‘back-end’ user friendly administrative interface for easy text and image revisions in-house.
4. ‘Sticky Features’ (such as newsletter sign-ups and discounts) will encourage visitors to interact with your website, stay on the site longer and view more pages – all increasing the odds of a follow through on your call to action.  https://socalwebworx.com/wordpress/website-design-planning-make-it-sticky/
5. Designed and developed for a user friendly experience. One example is the choice of text & background colors. As an example: black text on a light background is easier on the eyes than white lettering on a black background. User-friendly websites have easy to find and use navigation and should include a sitemap.
6. Go with professionals, including a custom website designer to reinforce your unique services/products; professional photographs – look your best!;  a professional marketing copywriter for benefits oriented wording that effectively sells your company; programmers who can execute your site feature requirements.  https://socalwebworx.com/wordpress/what-is-product-photography/

Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to a productive website that is easily found on the internet.

February 10, 2016

Mobile First Web Design – Did You Know?

As of April 21, 2015, ‘mobile-friendly’ became an official SEO Google ranking issue. According to the update, mobile-friendly website pages now rank higher in mobile search engine results and, as a result, those pages that weren’t optimized for mobile devices experienced diminished traffic on smart-phones.

This leaves a typical business website owner with only a few choices.
1. Ignore this reality and experience a drop in mobile device searches.
2. Build a separate ‘mobile-friendly website’ which will come up as a default on mobile devices and satiate Google’s requirement.
3. Recreate your website to be responsive (mobile friendly).


February 9, 2016

‘Mobile First’ – The New Website Design / Development Paradigm

Website design and development has gone through dramatic changes as a result of Google implementing a mobile-device friendly (responsive websites) preference to its logarithm for ranking website in keyword search engine results.

Per our post on January 22, 2016:  “… Google is now directing less search traffic to websites that are not mobile-friendly (scalable for smart phones)….  According to Google, mobile search queries have now overtaken desktop Internet search queries.

If your website does not provide users with a mobile-friendly design you will be penalized …. while companies that have optimized their site for mobile viewing will be rewarded with more site traffic and higher rankings in search results. Google has already begun using ‘mobile-friendly’ labels to indicate which companies have optimized their website, helping users to have an easier website viewing experience.”

This all means that ideally website designers and developers will first build new websites to look and perform at their best on mobile devices. The laptop /desktop version of the website is now secondary.  This is a total reversal of how the design and development processes were handled as recent as a year ago. This dramatic reversal has turned the website building process ‘on its head’.

In Summary:
Website designers / developers are now advised to work from this new paradigm in creating websites that meet the new mobile friendly Google requirement.
Clients are now advised to select a website designer / developer who understands this new paradigm and incorporates the concept into practice.


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