October 21, 2016

Does Professional Product Photography Help Your Website?

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The short answer is a resounding YES.

If you are selling a product on the internet you should have the best photos possible of your product(s) on your website.  As the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Your product photos should be sharply focused, well lit, composed with a non-distracting background and show your product at the best camera angle. In addition they should be high-resolution to look good on zoom or in a ‘lightbox’ (depending on your website functionality).

Our recommendation is to have a professional photographer take your photos with a professional grade camera and strobe lights. A few additional helpful notes:  If the camera is cabled to a laptop you can preview the photos in much greater detail than through the camera preview feature. Always use a tripod and electronic shutter release to get the best focus possible. For static products use a high “f-stop” for maximum depth-of-field focus on the entire product – a slower shutter speed is ok if the camera is mounted on a sturdy tripod.  Take multiple shots and analyze as you go until you get just the right camera angle and lighting.

Here are some samples from a recent photo shoot. These images will be used on the web and in print marketing materials.

Professional Product Photography


August 30, 2016


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Commercial photographers often focus their business on Product Photography.

Commercial probably is often defined as any photography for which the photographer is paid for taking and possibly Photoshop retouching of images. Other areas of expertise include: Life-style photography, food photography, architectural photography and portraiture.

Professional product photography can make an enormous improvement in many website photography. Professionals understand using correct lighting, use of background materials, camera angle, camera focus and depth of field among other technical considerations.

The term commercial photography usually refers to photography used in advertising and marketing materials. This form of photography is intended to promote or sell a service or product. The photographic images are generally shot using traditional film and developing techniques or digital cameras with images directly imported into computers for use in designs and layouts.

With the proliferation of mobile device cameras many people are unfortunately mistaken to think they can therefore take professional level photographs suitable for marketing or advertising in print or on websites. Without a full understanding of composition and lighting and commonly used ‘professional’ equipment such as a tripod, many people sell their business presentation short with unprofessional images.  In addition, most professional product photographers will handle the ‘post-production’ tasks of any needed retouching, cropping and photo enhancements.

August 19, 2016

Photo Retouching for Websites

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Look your best – t
he Internet is a visual medium.

As such your graphic designer needs to make your products and photos look as clean and attractive as possible. One key is starting off with high-resolution photos. Another helpful tip is to have your photos professionally retouched and enhanced as needed.

In this example as a first step we took an original photo of a carpet cleaning company vehicle and removed it from its mundane background. We then combined the vehicle image with a stock photo to help communicate a strong visual message describing the client’s carpet cleaning service.

Commercial Photo Retouching

Client Supplied Photo – Retouched, Enhanced and Used In Website Banner

More on product photography and photo retouching…

February 17, 2016

Define Product Photography

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Product Photography is a specialty area of work among professional photographers. These photographers may find themselves working in the studio on items as small as jewelry up through automobiles. Their focus is on commercial and manufactured products as opposed to lifestyle, sports, event and portrait photography.
Several other posts further explain this subject:  http://socalwebworx.sanclementedev.com/wordpress/category/photography-services/
Professional photography and impactful product photography can make an enormous difference in the effectiveness of a website. Well lit, well composed and effectively retouched and enhanced photos can greatly increase your website ROI with greater sales volume.

February 1, 2016

Photography and Websites

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Great photos make for great websites.  Ever need help fixing a commercial product shot? We can help fast, cheap and on target. L: Raw shot. R: Retouched


Website Photography

January 29, 2016

Photography & Custom Website Graphics

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Sometimes your photos or graphics just aren’t up to snuff for use on your website. We can take those low-resolution photos and retouch them to reflect the best for your business or organization.  Below is an example of an old tattered photo which we transformed into an illustration for usage on a retail product label and client website.  Crisp, clean images can make all the difference in your website and product standing out or looking unprofessional. We can do almost anything with your old photos to achieve your personal or business needs.

Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancement for Website & Retail Use

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